Franciscan Sisters’ New Beginnings in West Point, NE

The people of St. Mary’s parish in West Point, Nebraska are being very welcoming of Sister Joy Rose returning and three new Sisters, Sr. Sarah Bertler, Sr. Elizabeth Ann Miller and Sr. Elizabeth Benvie arriving.

Franciscan Sisters have a new home, St. Francis Convent, located at 532 East Walnut Street, moving out of the former St. Mary Convent on Monitor Street. All facilities – church, school, hospital, retirement community and downtown – are in close proximity to the new convent.Franciscan Sisters called to serve at West Point, NE

The people of this farming community, especially the parishioners, are very generous with their produce. We continue to receive a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables including: sweet corn, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. An abundance of sweet corn and cucumbers are in the freezer for future use. With a recent gift of tomatoes there will be fresh salsa all winter! God is so good!

New St. Francis Convent Sisters recently celebrated our Community Days (time of making memories together in prayer, discussion, planning and enjoying each other) by visiting the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska. The Sweet Corn Festival was being held at the gardens that day. There were food tasting booths, activities and many sights to see. The trip included a tram ride through the Gardens, walking around the area and driving across the Missouri river to enjoy a delicious meal at Ruby Tuesday’s.

It is the beginning of mission year 2015-2016 for us West Point Sisters who are looking forward to serving God’s people here. May God bless us and our Franciscan service.


3 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters’ New Beginnings in West Point, NE

  1. Congratulations on your new home!! St. Francis would be proud of the new name as well. May you have a truly blessed year and thanks so much for sharing this news and the neat picture!! God bless.


  2. Congratulations on the beginning of your blog. It is always a joy for me to read and see how our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are living the Gospel and serving God’s people in all corners of the land. I look forward to more posts!


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