Month: December 2015

Winter Wonderland in West Point


On Thanksgiving day it snowed enough on the deck of the convent for one of the Sisters to create a snow angel.  A snowman will have to wait until there is more packable snow available!


On Monday, November 30th snow blanketed West Point by early morning.  The excitement of the children and the concern of the adults was quite a contrast.  Children see the beauty and wonder of snow, while adults know the dangers of wintry weather.  On this first Monday of Advent the snow was a gentle reminder of how God can transform everything  and change our focus.  May this season of Advent invite us to see with the eyes of children and to know that God is with us every moment of the day!100_1224

“I offer you praise , O Father Lord of heaven and earth, because what you have hidden from the learned and the clever you have revealed to the merest children.” Luke 10: 21100_1230

Even St. Francis seems to be smiling as he holds a bowl of snow!  What is God saying to you today?  How will you respond?  Lord, renew us with your spirit of joy and reverence for all of creation.  May we be your voice to cheer the lonely.  May we be your hands to reach out to the poor.  May we be your ears to hear the needs of those less fortunate ones. May we be your heart that is full of compassion and mercy. May our very lives speak confidently “God is with us.”  St. Francis of Assisi reminds us to “Preach and if necessary use words.”