A Visit to Lindsay, Nebraska

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Sisters Sarah Bertler, Elizabeth Ann Miller and Elizabeth Benvie decided to attend a 9:00 Mass at Holy Family Catholic Church in Lindsay, Nebraska on April 17.  The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity formerly ministered in this small town for many years.  Sister Thelma Wiese’s brother and other relatives were among the people at Mass that day.

It was especially meaningful for the parishioners to see the Franciscan Sisters since they fondly remembered  the Sisters who had served in their school and parish in the past.  The pastor of Holy Family Parish, Father James F. Novotny warmly welcomed the Sisters and asked them to stand during his homily.  It was also providential that the Sisters were present that day since it was World Day of Prayer for Vocations. 

May God invite young people from Lindsay, Nebraska to consider vocations to Religious Life and the Priesthood!

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Lindsay, Nebraska

  1. To my former students, and the families/friends of Lindsay … you will ALWAYS hold a very special place in my heart and in my prayers! 💕 Fondly, Mary Linders (aka “Sr. Mary”, 1979-83)

    To Sisters Sarah, Elizabeth Ann, and Elizabeth … thank you for making the trip 🚙 from West Point, and for sharing a heart-warming story/photos. (Hi, also, to Sister Joy.)


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