A Working Holiday for the Rose Family

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Some of Sister Joy Rose’s family, Hank and Michelle Rose, their son Jake, as well as her brother Elmer arrived in West Point on Thursday, April 14.  As soon as they got their things unpacked, they started surveying what needed to be done around the convent. Sister Joy provided a “honey do” list for them which included some of the following repairs: sand, repair and paint the deck; clean all the eaves and more.  

At the end of each day everyone enjoyed a homemade meal prepared by the Sisters. Sister Joy and Sister Sarah prepared a turkey dinner their first evening.  Sister Sarah provided a most delicious pasta and crab dinner on Friday.  A feast of a steak dinner was prepared by the Rose family to celebrate Sister Joy’s birthday on April 16.  To top off the meal everyone enjoyed a tasty apple crisp lovingly prepared by Evelyn Buse, a generous benefactor of the Sisters.  

Sister Joy and her family departed for Wisconsin early on Sunday morning, April 17. They made tremendous improvements to the convent and gave their sister a gift of love!

The Sisters are most grateful to the Rose family for their time and arduous labor to repair and improve their convent home.  





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