Franciscan Sisters visit the Omaha Zoo and Aquarium

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On October 8th, Sisters Joy Rose, Barbara Mathe, Elizabeth Ann Miller and Elizabeth Benvie visited the Omaha Zoo and Aquariam.  It was a beautiful fall day to enjoy a community day together.  

The uniqueness of each animal was well worth the time spent walking around the premises of the zoo.  The fish and other aquatic animals were interesting to watch as they moved gracefully through the water.  While walking around that day, the Sisters met the Wicker family from Wisconsin who were delighted to see them.  

A silver backed gorilla put on a spectacular show for everyone as he moved quickly to the top of an old tree.  His stance while on top of the tree seemed to say, “I’m King of the Jungle!”  This gorilla mused at the children gathered to see him and at other times he turned as if to be pouting.  

Let us praise God for the blessing of all animals of the land, sea and sky!   Let us thank God for the wonder and awe of all of creation!  





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