Winter is here with snow, freezing rain and ice!

The first snowfall of the winter fell on November 18.  The cycle of falling snow continued throughout December 2016.  It was extremely cold the week prior to Christmas with freezing rain and snow on December 16.   The return of snow on December 23 made for a white Christmas.

The new year ushered in more single digit weather. The usual windy conditions caused the temperatures to drop further.

Freezing rain turned to ice creating hazardous conditions on Tuesday, January 10 then again on Monday, January 16.  Schools and businesses were forced to close as a result of the very treacherous road conditions both days.

On Monday, January 16 none of the Franciscan Sisters ventured outdoors to their ministries due to the dangerous icy conditions.  Sister Joy Rose prepared a delicious meatloaf dinner at noon that day.  It was the first time they had a weekday meal together on an otherwise work day.  It was certainly a change- of- pace kind of  day for everyone.



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